Are you getting ready for our next piano festival?

Here at WKMT, we always look forward to our student’s biannual festival! This time is the 9th and it will be in a very special place, the same we deliver our monthly concerts, St. Cuthbert’s Church in Earl’s Court. By now, all our piano students are preparing to show how much they love music and their commitment to it, and which better day for them that this one, in which all of our participants will be recorded professionally with cameras in 4K definition to keep a memory for this special event. Our piano tuition includes this unique way of teaching the instrument, in which we foster the live performances, to boost the enthusiasm among our students. This proved along the years to help in every sense: for those who are preparing to sit for ABRSM exams it provides the confidence needed prior to the exam; for the ones who just love the instrument, an excellent opportunity to present in public the pieces they have been working hard in the last months, and for those who just like the challenge to perform in front of friends and family…this is the perfect chance!

For our newcomers, we suggest to attend and see how the event is conducted and gives the student a glance for what it may come in the near future. For the ones who are performing for the first time, although it may be a little bit intimidating, don’t worry…if something that we have seen through all the festivals is that the atmosphere lived during the festival is always fun and relaxed, allowing the performers to release tension when performing. Everyone will get warm applause at the end of your performance!

Every festival is different and unique, but the only thing that always stayed strong is how proud we are of all of our students and the happiness that we feel with their progress and achievements.

Ps. I recently wrote an article explaining all about the importance of performing live music and musical practice. A very useful piece of advice for all our students and followers into music tuition.