WKMT last pedagogy meeting – Music theory.

WKMT last pedagogy meeting – music theory.

Improving the music theory resources for music lessons at WKMT.


Last week, all WKMT Team and teachers met to discuss some great resources for music theory lessons. In order to approach with quality theoretical piano classes, we created a list with some resources and bibliography to use for our lessons with our students. We are fully aware of the importance of music theory lessons for the good understanding of the tuition. Even though you are quite good on the practical side, you will, sooner or later, need some theory resources.

Pedagogically speaking, we will need some certain books for teaching music theory depending, obviously, on the level, and most important, depending on the age of the student. In this article, you will learn which ones are the best ones for every range of age. Read it fully in the link aforementioned and get in touch with this helpful resources and our special approach for beginner students.

I strongly agree with all the leading Musical Institutions of this country on the importance Music Theory has in the development of competent musicians. The ABRSM itself has made Grade 5 compulsory for any student willing to go for any advanced Music qualification. This kind of preparation will encourage students: 1) to start developing a reasonable understanding of music when performing or composing; 2) to work on the abilities needed to start dealing intelligently with complex musical passages; 3) to start acknowledging the basics of interpretation -articulation, phrasing, dynamics, pedalling, balancing, tempo- and 4) to make their interpretative choices according to different styles and composers.

I am proud of being leaders in piano lessons in London.