Two Fantastic Pianists for WKMT.

Two fantastic pianists for WKMT.

We welcome our Argentinian colleagues to perform in London in June.


Glad to announce our next Concert organised for the 16th June at 6 pm in our usual venue St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London.

As every month, WKMT Classical Concert series comes back with a new and powerful Argentinian piano concert. I am proud of presenting two of my colleagues, Carolina Aguirre and Aleksandra Tonelli, both professional pianists based in Buenos Aires (Argentina), just landed in London to show popular music typical from my inspiring country.

My idea was to present the differences between different areas within the same country, and how those differences are influential and decisive in the music. Obviously, I brought it to the piano side. We will present these two performers who will perform both sides of music: Popular and classical.

Aleksandra Tonelli brings the Tango air on the stage, while Carolina Aguirre will put all the classical side on it. This way we will enjoy a vibrant and joyful Saturday evening under the beauty of St. Cuthbert’s and its history. Although it is not the first time for Carolina Aguirre performing for WKMT, it is the first time performing by Argentinian composers and sharing the programme with one of her friends. Just for you to taste her performance, here I post one of her performance from last year, also for WKMT and Pianist AID Members.

Check all the details of this concert in the link aforementioned. You can also book your tickets to enjoy a lovely Saturday evening in London with WKMT and Argentinian piano performers.