The Next Edition of our Pedagogical Music Festivals.

The Next Edition of our pedagogical music festivals.


WKMT London Piano Festivals

I can’t describe how thrilled I am now that we are releasing the date for our 8th Edition of our Music Festivals. I just can’t believe how the time flew and with that, how many successful editions we have had so far. We are now arranging the 8th edition for this 17th of November.

The venue? Same as previous two festivals, at Pushkin House, Holborn, London. It is the perfect scenario in central London with pleasant parks around, nice views from the stunning music room of this Russian art house. The powerful Steinway & Sons piano also helps quite a lot, plus the great exhibitions always displayed along the house. That way, our guests enjoy of a fully catered event surround by music and art. A full and enjoyable experience on itself.

We are now fully preparing our students for their next performances on the 17th. Between 11 am and 6 pm we will be running different concerts either for children and for adults. We will be hosting intervals with food and nice drinks in the Library room where we take the chance to gather parents and students to talk about the concert and the performances of the students.

This is such a good opportunity for all piano students and enthusiasts for music to perform in a listed venue in London with the whole event properly designed to make them shine on stage. As the event is fully recorded by our London Piano Recording studio, the students will have a professional video afterwards of them performing their preferred piano pieces. Which will be a stunning part of their portfolio of performances in London.

Do not miss this opportunity either to participate and show your skills or to attend a beautiful and inspiring event in London this November.

You will fall in love with the students and their performances. Check all the info at WKMT Website through the link aforementioned.