Musical expectations and Cultural attributes in Music

Is our taste influenced by our background? Are our tastes based on our environment, culture or tradition we grow up in?

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with one of my colleagues, from which I bring some thoughts to talk about. WKMT Team and I are arranging a new piano branch overseas. Basically, we have thought that it would be great to open a new branch to do Summer piano courses in Spain, most probably, North, kind of Galicia or Asturias. In the fortunate case that the idea goes beyond, we would organise some other intensive courses during the year. My idea is to design a special programme for either adults and children, in which to immerse them into a full piano plan, in which piano and music is everything during a week or two, while enjoying of nice chats, relax, food and tourism within the area.

So well, my colleague and I were talking for long about the decoration of the possible branch. It is a beautiful Indianos House, Liberty style. And it came to my mind some ideas about the background of each of us in terms of the culture, tradition, idiosyncracies and architecture as well as design. When we talked about some ideas of decoration some of the rooms, I, as Argentinian, always go for something very Baroque, stylish, gilted and very rich design in terms of textures, furniture, fabrics, panelling, etc. That might be coming from my Italian ancestors. On the other side, my colleague, who is Spanish, gave me some ideas completely the opposite. He would go for something more rustic, heavier, authentic castle style. Like a medieval design. Going for wood, iron, plain colours, etc. Which undoubtedly is the proper Spanish interior style. The authenticity of the Spanish tradition.

Is it a coincidence that he likes that style because he is more into it casually, or because he grew up seeing things like that? Is it a coincidence the same in my case? We might be influenced for what we see from childhood, the same might happen with music, art, relations…which might be into our roots.

And my surprise is that WKMT has recently published an article in which the main topic is exactly the same about music. How our environment or place where we are born influences in our musical taste. Why the indian music sounds so different compared to the european, and not that far, how spanish music sounds so different compared to dutch music, which the same continent.

Well, no more words needed, just go to the link and make your own conclusions throughout the words of Gisela Paterno, the person behind of the musical article.

What do you think about the idea?