The complete piano method in London

The best piano approach by WKMT

What is the recipe for the perfect teaching method? Is there any essential ingredient we shouldn’t miss at all? Or it really depends on the students and their skills?

It is obvious that the progress made along the process will depend on the student efforts and practice time, but a high percentage or portion of the progress will also depend on the method proposed and used by the teachers.

Every student is different, and their way to understand the method too. For that reason, we should have a full programme specifically prepared, which could be ductil and flexible to adapt to everyone depending whether skills are.

The aim of this new post is to share my recent article written for WKMT Music Blog. In this article, I summarised the programme we have designed for all our students and prospective students, to have a better idea of what we do, and how we do care about our students’ musical learning.

After ten years of experience in London delivering music lessons to several students of all levels and ages, we know exactly what the key or recipe could be in most of the cases. Obviously, it wouldn’t be fair to say that we have the recipe for absolutely everyone. Unfortunately, we had some students who, due to different circumstances or situations, didn’t develop and progress they way we would like or expected. Of course, there are several factors which make a student progress.

Is there people who are not able to progress on music at all? We don’t really think so. We will just need to pay more attention to every single signal they send along the process to fully understand what they really need and accommodate the programme to their needs. Obviously, everyone will have to put all from their side. Study and practice are a must in any musical learning in order to progress through. We are unable to see what the students do at home, so a full trust would be needed for both of the parts.

Musicians are not magicians. We teach music but we will be unable to teach it even when the student don’t do anything. It is exactly like in the school. The subjects are given by it means nothing if the student doesn’t pay attention or doesn’t re-check the material at home on his/her own.

At WKMT, we foresee all these matters, for that reason we pay attention to every single detail and every single student’s progress. Apart from the lessons, we also like to promote other skills in our students. How?

-          Piano technique: We are probably the only studio in London providing with piano lessons with a proper technique. Thanks to my Maestro Bruno Gelber, who shared the technique with me, and I love to share it to all my students.

-          Our Syllabus: We have designed a proper programme in which the student will be able to analyse what they will work on, how, time, deadlines and examinations time proposed. This way they will be able to see the progress throughout their achievements. This syllabus proposes the programme from scratch to Grades. For more advanced students, they will be also handed with a full programme according to their level and expectations.

-          Musical Activities: Again, we are proud of being the only studio providing our students with so many musical dates in London. Every month we organise classical concerts. Twice a year, music festivals for our students to play in front of an audience, as well as piano masterclasses delivered by myself to the most talented student, and some directed to beginners. This way, apart from the lessons, they are able to taste the classical music and immerse into the world of this type of music. There is no successful without a practice and experience on our own. Like football, you will never be able to feel and understand what a match means until you jump onto the pitch and start playing it.

I won’t bore you any longer. Click on the link aforementioned in order to read the full post. If you are interested in piano or music lessons, do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to drive you through the interesting world of classical music.