Piano tuition in London

Common questions received from piano students

Common questions received from piano students – Chapter II

Common questions received from piano students – Chapter III

A common question from students and parents – Chapter IV

Experiences of a London piano teacher – Chapter V

Looking for quality music tuition in London might be hard, especially when you are not familiar with the music at all. For all those familiar with music too though, as London is a city with plenty of options and chances, but are they all worthy? Is it quality within? The answer, unfortunately, is not.


Mainly for that reason, the grand variety and rotation of the people within the city make very difficult to find something stable and professional. That’s why, myself, as a professional pianist, created WKMT. A piano studio that rose and still stands in London after eight years as a light for all those piano and music students looking for a proper music studio where to start learning an instrument as well as progress within the time, while the studio still looks after them and their training throughout the time.


There are a few good music studios in London, however, in any way they are more focused in certain parts of the music or styles, such as jazz, pop, or focused to more adult students, or on the contrary, for children doing special programs using apps or games. In that respect, we manage to learn music from the basics and all the foundation since the very beginning. Straight away to proper tuition, with the right subjects.


And that is exactly what we talk about in one of our articles on the blog. Sabrina Curpanen, usual collaborator and my colleague, who I respect the most, is behind this new series of articles. With this series, she aims to analyse the main questions we, as musicians and teachers, usually receive in regards to the music tuition.


Questions or doubts such as ABRSM, Trinity examinations, different grades, syllabus, pieces and subjects within the exam requests, theory before grade 6 practical, technique, and a long etcetera.


Click on the link aforementioned and start knowing more about the music tuition for yourself or your kid(s). For more info about tuition, do not hesitate to visit our website.