Some of the best Singing Methods.

Some of the best Singing Methods.

Learn with WKMT the evolution of the vocal coaching throughout different techniques.

Here I bring a new reference to an article recently published on WKMT Education Blog. Our colleague Dominik Brendan, vocal and piano teacher in London at WKMT, has shared with us all his thoughts and experience in vocal training.

With this new article, he aims to present the singing techniques since its beginning. We will see the evolution through the different vocal techniques. Some of the most famous techniques and the most innovative ones. In case you are enjoying your singing lessons and would like to improve your skills, do not hesitate to read the full article through the link aforementioned.

In this article, you will also learn about the famous method that helped many famous actors to improve their singing skills to perform in any scene or movie. The Speech Level Singing method is called. It is based on our own voice when we speak to make the notes longer to convert it into singing. The interesting point of this method is its students: Michael Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg amongst many others.

Complete Vocal Technique CVT is another famous technique which proposes three principles and four singing modes: neutral, curbing, overdrive and edge. This technique within SLS, Bel canto and the oldest ones, set the path to the newest ones. Nowadays, some new singing schools are coming up with innovative ways of teaching and learning, building up new singing techniques. We must say that the most of them, or the most successful and efficient are those which combine Bel canto with the knowledge and discoveries.

Let’s read it fully and get in touch with these famous singing techniques for your future vocal lessons.