Schoenberg Sonata: Insight

Schoenberg Sonata: Insight

Analysing the Sonata Op. 33 a with Gisela Paterno.

Thanks, Gisela Paterno for this new series of analysis of the Sonata Klavierstucke by A. Schoenberg. My colleague and partner at WKMT Piano Studio have written a series of two articles analysing the aforementioned sonata.

As you might already read some of my previous works have been about analysing Sonatas and also recurring to A. Schoenberg knowledge and bibliography. It is great and helpful to know more about this genius, in case you are feeling into music composition.

In this case, Gisela takes the chance to remember her final work for her Composition Degree to get it back and translated for our followers and readers. This is the first part of two, so let’s have it a read and do learn with her some great and helpful ideas about this powerful Sonata by the wonderful Schoenberg. Once you have read this first part, you can now read the second part recently published. That way you will fully understand the construction of this unusual composition. Check it out and find how interesting this Sonata is composed. Use both links aforementioned.

Let’s enjoy your new adventure through Sonata analysis. Use the links to access to the first and second parts. You can also use the links in the article to access my own analysis of Haydn Sonatas also using Schoenberg ideas.