Professional Singing Advice by Aisha Peters.

Professional singing advice.

Learn how to prepare properly your next singing auditions or concerts.

Prepare A Quality Singing Performance

Thanks to Aisha Peters, my colleague and Senior Singing Teacher at WKMT Music Studio, we bring a new useful article. In this case, Aisha thought of those singing students looking for advice for their future performances either in concerts or auditions.

Our Singing Department of WKMT has had plenty of queries for singing lessons within this 2018 year. And we found out that the most of them hesitate about the performance situation. That’s why we considered convenient and helpful to post an article talking about some tips and ideas for all those willing to perform in front of an audience. And that is mainly because of our Music Festivals organised twice a year to give the chance to our students to enjoy of a performing event to add to their portfolios. When they reach the time that they are ready skill speaking, they will also need some tips and advises on how to develop the performing skills. That is the main purpose of the Music Festivals at WKMT. To develop all the fields needed to become a professional musician, or at least, to be able to experience the same situations and feelings all the musicians do.

Aisha explains some of the most common questions for all the students to perform properly. Amongst other, she explains the importance of the body language, how to use the microphone and what not to do as well as the ability to improvise in case you forget something during the performance.

Read the full article in the link aforementioned and start preparing yourself for your next singing performance. In case you would be interested in our WKMT Music Festival, do not hesitate to contact us. We will arrange an assessment for our next edition in November 2018. In the meantime, here I post a video of one our previous editions with a singing performance of our Head Singing Teacher. I hope you enjoy it!