Piano Composition for a Pop song.

Piano Composition for a Pop song.

Enjoying the piano linked to the modern music.

At WKMT, we continue with music composition. The main topic of our last articles published, which I am very proud of. To see my music teachers writing about different topics while extending their knowledge and practice.

Although the vast majority of our students belong to the piano, we saw our composition students’ number increased in the last year. So these articles will help them all.

This time, we come back to our colleague Dominik Brendan, junior piano teacher and singing tutor in London music studios of WKMT. He brings an article in which he blends singing with music composition. He does not miss the opportunity of recurring to his two favourite arts: Piano and singing. One to reinforce and boost the other one.

Dominik loves to sing, and he is seeking for performance opportunities in London. He is doing well and performing in small venues in London. For that reason, he has now written this article, to demonstrate how he manages to prepare the singing part as well as the music for the accompaniment. We all know that a song with music as background sounds much better. It makes us feel the rhythm of the song and therefore the meaning or feeling of the song. So apart from composing his new song, he had to compose a piece for the piano part. As the most of the venues he is performing are usually quite small, he didn’t need an entire band, but just a piano would be enough. So this is exactly the main theme of the article, the idea of composing a piano piece for the accompaniment.

Now I invite you to read the full article through the link aforementioned and enjoy the way he composes some passages for piano as the chorus part. This is another way of composing music. Not classical pieces for some instruments as we usually do, but a piece in which the main focus is the song and not the piano. Adjusting the piano to the song; the modern way of the music.