Piano accompaniment lessons.

Piano accompaniment lessons.


A great advice on how to create your own chord progression by my colleague Gisela Paterno.

A new article has been brought to the office written my colleague Gisela Paterno. In order to indulgent our piano students and followers, she wrote about how to make a chord progression in an easy way with some helpful tips.

For that, she uses the type C,Am,F,G, or for the more advanced ones with some harmonic knowledge I – vi – IV – V. Such a very interactive article with great explanations, examples to check and a video to see the final result of the exercise.

In case you can’t find the correct position on the right hand, or whatever you play on the left-hand sounds muddy and not very pleasant for the ear. The answer to all of these relies on one word: accompaniment. For that, she also give some tips to get the best way for the left and right hand to reinforce the harmony.

Find the full article on the link above, and start practising!