My violin duo partner: How does she teach?

My violin duo partner: How does she teach?

Irene Bejar explaining a first violin lesson at WKMT.


I usually post articles talking about piano, concerts, music in general, however, this time, we will talk about the violin, and how to face a first violin lesson.

Thanks to Irene Bejar, my colleague and my usual violin accompanist with my Haydn Sonatas concerts, has written this helpful article. With it, she explains the common subjects in the first violin lesson, to give an idea of what is the starting point when having violin lessons.

Since she started working at WKMT as Senior Violin Teacher, she proved to be motivating and well-communicative professor. We all are very proud of her performance and that’s why I would like to post her new article on how to face a first violin lesson from a didactic point of view.

You can read it fully in the link aforementioned, and also I take the chance to post one of our rehearsals from our concert of 24th March 2018 at St. Cuthbert’s church, in which she accompanied with the violin a Haydn Sonata.