Piano lessons London preparing ABRSM Exams

Glad to share with you all my post in regards to the programme for students to prepare the ABRSM Examinations.

Sitting for the Grades Examinations of ABRSM seems to be a goal in itself. Mostly all of our piano students that come from different schools have the urge to be the first in their class to have the Grade 1 piano, as this was a kind of badge of success in learning an instrument. This can’t be further from the truth. Piano tutors know from experience that the most important thing that any child (or adult) remembers when they grow up is the emotional connection with the instrument, the pieces they enjoyed and the personal satisfaction that he or she gained through the instrument. Here at WKMT, we prepare our students to be performers, to enjoy music and have a deeper understanding of it as well as to have a strong and solid technical foundation that will last for a lifetime and not only for an exam.

The foundation course proposes those main goals through a progressive syllabus designed by years of piano teaching. As Maestro Juan Rezzuto says “The course incorporates a comprehensive list of musical material which can be personalised to each student. This non-templated method allows WKMT teachers to provide each piano student with the specific content required by their personal and psycho-pedagogical constitutions. The result of using this course is the development of students who enjoy both music and the process leading to prepare a piece. ”
The length of the course will depend on each case. Many factors contribute to it, such as the student’s consistency, both of the home practising and the attendance to the piano lessons.

It might be the case that a student finishes the foundation course in six months while another one takes three years to do the same.

Finally, we should not forget that every time we sit at the piano, we should enjoy every minute of it, as this is the time for the student to gain insight into their skills.