Musical conversation 1

Musical Conversation – It has been 7 years since I founded WKMT. I have committed most of my time to understanding how students think about music. It has been hard to understand that not everyone has been born with the gift of music. But I learnt something beautiful: most of people can be given the chance to, at least, appreciate music. Maybe, it is the duty of those ones with the gift to commit some of their time to inspire other individuals. It is like a mission, beautiful in itself and definitely musical.

I was born into music, I started learning at the age of three and I had the immense luck of being supported to access the best teachers of my home country. I was also lucky to be born in my home country, Argentina, one of the best places in the world to study classical music and specially piano. When you are born into culture in Buenos Aires, you grow up hearing about the success of your parent artists: Martha Argerich, Daniel Barenboim, Bruno Gelber, Scaramuzza, Cucucha Castro, Elsa Puppullo amongst many others… Now that I’m older I’ve started asking myself: what will happen when they depart? It is a big responsibility to keep up with such standards, those of our predecessors.

One of the reasons I decided to open my “personal” website is because I have no other choice… In the XXI century, an artist becomes the image he or she constructs of him or herself. But the good side of this is that I’m happy to construct an image I can be satisfied with. I’m committed to build an image which can help me share my thoughts, my feelings, but most importantly my music.

I have never thought about my music as a commercial asset. It can sound hypocritical coming from a business owner like myself, but I truly think about my music in a completely different way to how I think about my lessons. Lessons are a service for others while making music is my personal need.

The main purpose of this website is to serve as the perfect platform where I can share with my followers my thoughts and musical production. And I mentioned my thoughts together with my musical production because the first ones will always define the other ones. I’m of the idea that our musical production is directly connected and, sometimes, even a reflection of the way we think and feel.

After this short presentation I commit myself to what really matters: MUSIC.