May performance adventure with WKMT Piano Studio.

May performance adventure.

VII London Music Festival by WKMT at Pushkin House.

Happy to release the date of our next WKMT Music Festival. It is almost here, 12th May at the wonderful Pushkin House, Fitzrovia.

This will be the VII Edition of this great opportunity WKMT provides all its students with. Every year, twice, new Festival editions are organised to help our students and musicians to be promoted with exceptional performing opportunities. We designed high-standard events in which the participants perform in front of an audience while being recorded professionally. The event is also fully catered with deli canapes and drinks. The perfect atmosphere to join and enjoy a great Saturday in London attending nice classical music performances.

We all know how important performing in front of people is, not only for musicians but also for piano students. Nobody knows how skydive feels like until you jump off the plane. A comparison I always use for my fellows as it describes logically and purely the feeling of performing in front of people. How you feel and how you need to manage the stress of the situation. Do not make any mistake, and if you make any, be capable of amending them in the best and smooth way.

Also, we all consider that none of the students is fully immersed into the passion of music until they immerse themselves in the musical world. How? Assisting classical concerts, performing in front of the audience, checking different artists’ performances and being able to imitate and feeling the artistry that music inspires.

Personally, as Director of WKMT, I would love everyone to feel and live the power of music. Check more details and info about this great Festival edition in the link aforementioned and do not hesitate to book your tickets and bring your parties to enjoy your beautiful performance.