Learning music is about performing.

In this new article, I am glad to present the new edition of our London Music Festival, sponsored by WKMT. Since the beginning of the studio in 2010, I am entirely committed to this great opportunity.

For the 6th time in the history of our music studio, we are encouraging our students to perform and share the product of their effort in the best possible setting. We have just released the date and venue of the festival. It is a great opportunity for our students. They will be able to present themselves in front of an attentive audience within the boundaries of the superlative Pushkin House in Fitzrovia.

Learning music without the opportunity of performing in front of an audience is like learning skydiving without ever jumping out of the plane. There are some skills and experiences associated with that moment when our senses must be focused and sharp that redefine the way our brain is wired. Adding to that, the adrenalin felt when while performing in front of an audience is something we never forget as artists.

You can access all the information related to the event at www.wkmt.co.uk/wkmt-london-music-festivals. We also allow non-members to participate in this event, so if you have friends or acquaintances who might be interested in join our concert please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or call to 02071014479

18th November, at 11 am, at Pushkin House, Fitzrovia, London.