Learn how to prepare a performance.

Learn how to prepare a performance.

Mark Dowling giving some ideas for when performing piano.


With this beautiful picture of the grand Martha Argerich, I share with you all the last article published in the studio, WKMT, written by our colleague Mark Dowling.

In this case, he talks about his experience when performing piano in different gigs or events, and gives some ideas on how he prepares himself for such a stressful situation any musician experience. In any performance, not only music, we need to prepare the subject, and also and very important, ourselves, physically and psychologically. And this is what the article talks about.

Read it fully on the link above and we hope it helps you with your future performance.

Because in order to reach the perfection, we need to be able to manage the compound of everything that is implied in the situation.

Perfectionism is the “ultimate self-defeating behaviour. It turns people into slaves of success – but keeps them focussed on failure, dooming them to a lifetime of doubt and depression. It also winds up undermining achievement in the modern world.” (Marano. E. H. 2008)