If Our Musical Instruments Could Speak.

If our musical instruments could speak.



Irene Bejar, a violin tutor at WKMT and Master instructor at LAO, brings us this new article on the blog.

Irene has recently written an article for WKMT Followers in which she explains the idea of attachment to our musical instruments. Especially for all those violinists who always carry, unconditionally, their violin every day for every single musical activity scheduled. And for that reason, the violin becomes an extension of ourselves. A present witness of all our rehearsals, lessons, concerts and musical adventures in general.

With this article, she talks about some interesting stories about the famous Stradivarius violins, some of them good and some not that good. Which makes us aware of the importance and the emotional link between the instrument and the musician. Similar to the case of the pianists. We always keep our little soul to practice on our own, however, and unfortunately, we can’t take the piano with us. So we need to get used to the touch to different pianos constantly either for concerts, rehearsals, recordings…

You can now read the full article by clicking on the link aforementioned. Learn some interesting stories about famous violins and violinists and know how strong the link between the instrument and the musician is.


On the second hand, I wouldn’t like to dismiss the meaning of the picture of today’s post. Which makes us proud and extremely happy to me and all WKMT London Team, as we have been awarded and listed in the 3rd position of the 10 Best UK Music Education Blogs. WKMT Blog is the only one blog from a piano studio listed in the top three of all UK. Thanks to our musicians, teachers, and all the team, in general, to make this true and be able to provide all our followers with interesting and quality musical topics and articles to read and follow.