How to overcome the fear to play with WKMT Piano Studio.

How to overcome the fear to play.

Learn some helpful tips to avoid the fear during your performance. Or at least, not that much.

A new article has been published on WKMT Blog called: How to overcome Scenic Fear

A very clear topic we would like to mention this time. Every musician or student who has gone through a performance situation will understand how that makes us feel and what it means for us. It means everything after some time studying the same piece o repertoire and makes us feel stressful and nervous. However, if we know how to manage those feelings and emotions, we will get the best performance and even enjoying the momentum.

For just that reason, our colleague at the studio and my violin accompanist during my concerts, Irene Bejar, has written an article explaining this precise topic. Answering common questions such as what the scenic fear is, why we feel like that before and during a performance and how we can learn to manage and reduce the overthinking and bad thoughts.

At WKMT Piano Studio, we really make our students aware of the importance of the performance through any learning musical process. That’s why WKMT London Piano Festivals are the best chance to put your performing skills on stage and to experience such a moving emotion. Twice a year our students have the chance to perform what they study in front of an audience while they are recorded professionally. That way, under such as pressure, they will need to manage the stress and nerves while enjoying the situation. If you want to have a clearer idea about what we talk here, go to the article through the link aforementioned and start preparing your next piano performance. In case you are having piano lessons, do mention it to your regular professor.