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Helping you Achieve your Musical Goals.

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How to prepare the Aural Test – Grade 4

Here we come with a new series of articles. We are lately bringing new article series thanks to our professional teachers. In this case, Sabrina Curpanen, piano professor at the studio and accompanist in my previous concerts in London, comes back with a new series for all our students and followers.

In this case, she continues with the analysis of Aural Test. The Aural test is one of the sections we need to go through in any musical examination, very common in the UK. It is a kind of singing test that every musical instrument student should go through. The difficulties that this presents is that not everyone has been trained in singing skills, that’s why the most of the students find it not so easy. That’s why we strongly recommend this series of articles, as Sabrina enforce on this test with great tips and explaining the steps and methods to pass it on with the best results in an easy way and comfortable way.

In her previous article, she gave the tools needed to improve the test for Grade 1 to 3, now she comes with the second part for the Grade 4 at either ABRSM or Trinity examinations. Presenting the practice of the same test in four understandable steps. This way of practising will help you to fully learn and get the confidence needed for your next aural test in your musical examination, whatever your musical instrument is.

Just press on the link aforementioned with the title of this second part and go for the best marks not only with the aural test but with all of them to become a master of the music.


In case you are a Grade 5 piano student, do not miss the last article of the series by Sabrina, recently published, in which she helps you preparing aural test Grade 5 for ABRSM.

WKMT has now published the entire series of three article depending on the grade to prepare. Do not miss it out whatever your grade is. Learn with WKMT.