Haydn Concertante.

Haydn Concertante.

WKMT organises Haydn Piano Concerto in London.

Piano Concert in London

I must confess that I feel quite excited about my next performance in London. WKMT has made this possible once again. On the 13th of October 2018 at 5 pm in our usual venue, St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, we all have a date.

I will be in charge of welcoming and opening the new scholar term with this fabulous piano concert. The repertoire chosen is the one that follows:

  • Haydn Piano Concerto Hob XVIII:2

My last performance for WKMT Members and followers was on the 24th of March. A performance recorded by the London Piano Recording Studio. That time, I also chose Haydn pieces being the concerto and the Sonata for piano and violin in A. The remarkable about this new concert is that I will be playing accompanied by WKMT London Orchestra. The musicians and professors of London Amateur Orchestra will be in charge of the orchestra part directed by myself. Which makes such a beautiful scene of a piano concerto played by a wonderful Yamaha CFX new Grand concert piano with strings accompanying me.

This is the result gotten thanks to my personal musical research:

  • Scaramuzza technique: Thanks to my training in this powerful piano technique with Maestro Bruno Gelber, I set it up as my personal commitment to share and teach this technique to everyone interested in it within WKMT Piano studios. This technique that gave the best pianists in the world should be shared and known. I always update my Youtube channel with my recent performances of piano concertos and sonatas of this great Maestro, whose I humbly invite you to check them out.
  • J. Haydn: I have already declared myself fanatic of this composer several times in previous posts. Not only that, but I am in constant research of the Haydn’ works. I have a section focused on analysing Sonatas composed by him, and another one focused on performing all his repertoire.  You can check my Analysis of Haydn Sonatas on WKMT Website, which usually publishes them.

I have now an entire summer ahead to study and rehearse this programme to get it ready for the 13th of October. Do not hesitate to check all the details about this concert. I would love you to listen to this piano concerto in London with WKMT.