Great tips to practise on the piano.

Great tips to practise on the piano.

Correct some incorrect ways of practising piano with WKMT.

As Director of WKMT and as I am glad of my colleagues at the studio, I considered to publish the previous link to an article recently posted at WKMT Blog. In which, Katarina Makevic, Senior piano teacher and friend, talks about her knowledge and experience on piano practice, bu giving some great tips for all those beginner students.

As a professional musician and concert pianist, I must say that the practice means all. We should correct the bad habits as soon as possible to progess on the piano. Even for us, experienced and advanced pianists, is good to keep on going with good and studied habits to process and perform the pieces perfectly.

I take the chance to present our classical concert organised for 24th February 2018, where Katarina Makevic will be performing for WKMT members and non-members who would like to come and enjoy a wonderful evening in the magnificent St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court. You can find all the info at

Have a look to the full article on the link above. We hope you all find it interesting too.