Getting the little ones “piano” ready.

Getting the little ones “piano” ready.

New Children Piano Masterclass – Preparation for VII WKMT Music Festival.

We are just organising a new Children Piano Masterclass for our little piano students. In this case, different to our previous Masterclass, it is going to be created to get them all ready for their next piano performance at the VII Edition of WKMT Music Festivals. As a concert pianist, I do believe these choices are needed for any music students in order to evolve and improve all the skills. In this case, we make them aware of the importance of the performance, on their own, and how it feels like when someone else is on stage.

We work hard to always provide our students with quality piano lessons, and for that reason, we created our own piano programme in which we include:

– Piano skills acquired during your piano lessons.

– Listening skills: WKMT organises monthly Classical concerts in which our teachers and musicians perform for our members/students. That way they can develop skills needed to be able to know and analyse pieces/composers.

– Performing skills: In this stage, the student will become an experienced pianist. Because what is better for a musician than performing in front of an audience? WKMT makes that possible for all our students with our Music Festivals. We are now in 2018 with our VII edition, where students and parties join a great event fully catered and professionally recorded in listed venues such as Pushkin House, in Fitzrovia.

Regarding the latter is what I bring this great opportunity to invite all those parents with kid(s) to join us the next 28th April, and therefore, to the Music Festival, where enjoy of a full catered event where they will be the main stars on stage. For more information, visit the website for WKMT piano masterclass or for our next Music Festival.

WKMT is looking forward to guiding you through your piano adventure in London, and to get you performing soon.