Get the most out of your practising time.

Get the most out of your practising time.

Learn how to organise your practising time with WKMT for your piano examinations.

I invite you all to read my article published on WKMT Blog, in which I deeply explain how to organise your time efficiently. This is a complete practising cycle which will get you all ready to your piano pieces and your future or near examinations at either Trinity or ABRSM.

I must confess that it is exactly the same cycle I use for all my students, and they are progressing accordingly. I invite you to watch the video below of Mark Yeo at his performance at WKMT Last Music Festival at Pushkin House, London.

In my practising plan, I consider essential four key duties:

  • Keeping a diary: Use it daily during your piano practice. Note all what you do and what you need to improve and will help you to have a better idea and vision of what you do. Times, pieces, scales, notes…
  • Technical work
  • New Material: We will call “New Material”  those passages or sections which are in the process of being learnt. We should land on the new material always with our mind fresh and after having warmed up practising our technical exercises.
  • Maintenance: Do not forget the memorisation process, and most importantly, do not forget what you memorised. With maintenance, I mean the continuous practising of the pieces learnt. The more practice, the better for the exam.

I recommend you to visit the link aforementioned in which you will find the full article and practising process detailed. As well as other of my articles to incorporate into this practising cycle.

Here I post the performance of Mark Yeo as I promised earlier in this article. I hope you all enjoy it!