Maestro Vazquez-Groba

Maestro Vazquez Groba and his ensemble of Baroque music are ready to perform a fabulous concert. The concert will include solo harpsichord pieces, chamber works and some baroque arias performed by WKMT orchestra cellist and soprano.

I have a lot of expectation on this concert as it features excellent performers. The players develop roles that bring them together around a magnificent repertoire. Professor Abelino Vazquez is one of the most committed musicians I’ve ever met. His dedication to the harpsichord, his instrument, is infinite. His performances transpire the beauty of “all-what-remains-in-order”, and the feeling left in public is of utmost respect and admiration.

As Abelino’s colleague, the thing that genuinely mesmerises me is his absolute loyalty to his instrument. In the most recent year, he has committed to teaching piano with a high level of success. His technique allows him to play both keyboard instruments masterfully. Nevertheless, I have seen how he always remains firm on keeping his harpsichord technique unchanged, even when he is playing a completely different musical instrument.  

As always happens, time and perseverance still prevail. Even though Abelino kept his technique, I have seen an evolution of his touch, a change that allowed him to extend his daily practising time and be able to play the piano in a more relaxed manner.

Our WKMT orchestra cellist and soprano

Rachel, our orchestra soprano and cellist, has the most fantastic voice coupled with a vast knowledge of repertoire. Her performances are not only stylistically correct but also mesmerisingly expressive. Listening to both of them rehearsing is a beautiful experience as one can feel how these two fantastic musicians blend in perfection.

Featuring WKMT students

This concert is going to be presented by one of our adult students. As in our last show, these presentations are the perfect opportunity for our advanced students to showcase the product of their resilience.

Rinaldo Merlo presented the last concert. Rinaldo played masterfully well. He showed an apparent predisposition to performing in front of an audience. This concert was his very first performance, and nevertheless, the delivery was almost perfect. Congratulations Rinaldo for such professional participation!

The repertoire

Maestro Groba has masterfully chosen the repertoire of this concert in collaboration with his ensemble “Beatus Ille.” The whole idea behind the creation of this ensemble is to be able to perform pieces of the baroque era following a puristic approach that allow the audience to have a beautiful glimpse into this fascinating time and age. During the concert, performers will use gut-string instruments and a fantastic real grand harpsichord. This instrument is kept in optimum conditions by maestro Groba. Like all harpsichords, Groba’s harpsichord requires thorough maintenance and tuning. Best harpsichordists are masters of these other activities involving, regulation and adjustment. The technique and discipline needed to be able to perform these tasks are rare and very difficult to develop.

This concert ought to be fabulous so don’t miss your chance to attend. Contact WKMT administration to get your tickets ready at [email protected] or to our phone line +442071014479 Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

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