Extremely proud of our piano students

Extremely proud of our piano students

I was full of joy seeing our students progressing in such a fantastic way after just six months! Our last Music Festival at Pushkin House-London was full of excellent music and mesmerizing musicians.

Our piano students shared the product of their work and effort with an attentive audience. Students like Anya Kirby, Imran Rajpoot, Marinela Pasca, Michael Mensah, Mark Yeo and many more played as professionals. They skillfully applied their focusing abilities and delivered passionate and anxiety free performances. I manage to see how they started to grasp the pleasure of sharing music. Maybe they haven’t yet been able to hold their attention tight for the entire duration of their pieces, but they indeed managed to create fantastic musical moments that will stick to the memories of their audience for years to come.

I’m particularly impressed by the progress made by students like Anya Kirby and Michael Mensah in whom I’ve noticed a remarkable change in the way they play and engage both mentally and physically with the act of performing.

Students like Marinela and Lynn, who are outstanding professionals in their primary fields, have made a significant impact on me too. Playing in front of an audience is always a challenge even for thoroughly committed professional musicians. These infinitely talented individuals proved to me that talent is one and what we see when we see talented people in action is just another expression of that fantastic gift: pure genius.

I can envisage they will all develop an excellent relationship with music. Our piano students have certainly learned to respect it and to honor it by dedicating their time to try and understand it better. A door into a world of enjoyment and self-realization has opened in front of them. I can only feel fascinated by the thought of seeing developing even further. Congratulations WKMT students for a creating a magical 7th edition of our WKMT Music Festival.