Exploring Polish Music Panorama.

Exploring Polish Music Panorama.

Our Polish singing and piano teacher brings us a Polish Music Star.

Anna Maria Jopek

Today I bring such a different article to my blog. And Why is that different? Because it is not about classical or learning music topics. In this case, we talk about modern Polish music.

Dominik Brendan, my colleague and piano and singing teacher at the studio, has written this new article talking about popular music in Poland. And particularly, talking about one of his favourites Polish singers: Anna Maria Jopek. She has been on stage since the 90’s, becoming one of the most famous faces in Poland.

A wonderful singer and songwriter having music running through her veins. Daughter of the famous Polish singer Stanislaw Jopek, of the dancer Maria Stankiewicz and sister of Patrycja Jopek, the famous Polish violinist. So it is easy to imagine how she became a musician that natural. Actually, she has become one of the most famous and influential faces in Poland. Her duets with rock stars such as Sting are also famous in the city and worldwide. Sting has expressed on several occasions support to her and her work in Poland. They are actually very good friends. Also her recent duet with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, you can watch it in the video below posted.

As Dominik states in his article: “She is also known as a performer of national, patriotic songs. She digs into Polish music heritage and creates her interpretations. She incorporates Polish folk music and blends it with music coming from other countries (one of the most interesting ones is “Haiku” that she created with Japanese pianist Makoto Ozone). Anna Maria also performed on the Eurovision Song Contest”.

He knows much more about her than what I know. Only for the reason that I am not Polish, although I would love to know much more about its musical scene. So let’s read his words in the link aforementioned with the name of this superb artist and do not miss the chance to watch her videos and listen to her lovely songs.