Excellent guitar advice from WKMT’s guitar teacher.

Excellent guitar advice from WKMT’s guitar teacher.

Guitar advises by Thomas Rickerby.


When a beginner guitar player begins to learn the basics, there is always the question of where to place the thumb on the fretting hand. That is what this great article talks about. Thomas Rickerby, a guitar teacher at the studio, writes some advice for all those learning the guitar and placing their fingers on it.

We always talk about piano at WKMT, but certainly, we have many other instruments. That’s why I share this great article about the guitar. Thomas gives some advice about how to use the thumb on the guitar. Although it is something personal, you can have a look at this options and use whatever is easier for you. For that, he attaches this two videos of two of the best guitar performers.

  • B.B.King and his technique on Blues style.
  • Aber Carlevaro and his technique on the classical guitar:



That will give you an idea or example of how to place it on the guitar. However, everyone has its own style and way. Let’s try to find yours and make it aesthetic.

You can read the full article on the link aforementioned and related article about guitar lessons and tips about this great musical instrument.