ABRSM Piano Grade 1

The ABRSM Grading system is a progressive syllabus that comprises various musical styles ranging from Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century music. Piano students should not only learn three pieces for each grade but as well they should have a foundation in aural skills as well that entails stylistic hallmarks, some basic knowledge in singing and sight singing from grade 4 and meter recognition. Also, a strong sight reading skills from the very beginning.

This expertise can only be accomplished through a strong and substantial training prior to sitting for the Grade 1 examination, and this is precisely the main challenge for any piano tutor.

At WKMT, we have produced a syllabus that extensively covers all aspects of the piano tuition to reach Grade 1 successfully and mainly taking into consideration the future grades and all the difficulties that will arise.

Solid foundation in piano technique is paramount to reach that goal: not only the pieces are important, but etudes as well, which are specially designed and tailored repertoire to work the finesse necessary for students to achieve their goals in the chosen instrument.

As WKMT Director, I state: “Etudes (studies, in English) is not included in the ABRSM syllabus in the numbers that can allow a professional to work and develop a student solidly. Our “foundations” course proposes many different books designed to develop all the different aspects related to piano technique. Our teacher can then choose wisely an array of them to work with any specific student. In that sense, each student follows a bespoke programme designed to help them develop in a specific way the learning style requires.

I do hope this article will shed some light to clear the doubts of many parents and students in general that wants to prepare to sit for this exam. Piano tuition in London may be difficult to manage and understand, for that reason, myself throughout WKMT, will make sure everyone will understand it properly enough to have quality learning.