Dulwich excellent music lessons.

Dulwich excellent music lessons.

Experience the piano with the famous studio: WKMT.

Piano lessons in Dulwich by WKMT

I would like to spread the word of WKMT studio. In this case, we bring closer our excellent piano tuition to Dulwich area. When I first came to London from Buenos Aires, I stayed at my friends’ house in Dulwich. Since when I fell in love with the neighbourhood and all that it offers to its neighbours. However, I remember well that for that while, there weren’t piano teachers enough in the area, neither any professional piano studio.

That’s why I feel glad to be able to bring my studio to the neighbourhood who saw me first in London. Because what we do is difficult to imitate as we have inherited all the Argentinian heritage, where the piano Maestros open their house to welcome students and teach them the Scaramuzza technique. A quality teaching by professionals musicians with knowledge in piano and music in general. We also organise musical events such as classical concerts for our members, music festivals to perform, master classes with Maestros from all over the world and much more as we like to immerse all piano enthusiastic into the real world of classical music and develop their skills as needed.

My pleasure to share with you all our website for piano tuition in Dulwich. Check it on the link aforementioned and looking forward to welcoming Dulwich students.