Correcting your Bad Posture with WKMT.

Correcting your Bad Posture with WKMT.

Learning all about the physiotherapy related to the musicians and their lifestyle.

Helping the musicians to correct the posture

Have you been informed of the consequences of holding the violin wrongly? Or sitting at the piano bent? In case you are now suffering the injuries of bad posture or habits, do you know the different ways and methods that would help you?

To answer all these questions and more, Irene Bejar, Senior Violinist at WKMT London and my personal accompanist at my concerts in London, has written a great article. Her commitment to helping all the music students to be aware of these habits and how to resolve them in the best and quickest way.

Have you heard about the Alexander method? What if we mention Mezieres? Well, these two names gave birth to two wonderful and helpful techniques for carrying their names. The most famous methods to help you avoid your injuries due to bad habits, as well as helping you heal the pain when suffering. They are a compound of ways and good habits which help us to move, act, hold and sit properly by relaxing our muscles and joints, keep them all in the perfect balance.

This is such an intensive post which will help you to understand the importance of developing these good habits by perfecting your posture when working, playing or studying.

If you wish to learn all about it, do not hesitate to read the full post published at WKMT Music Blog. You will find the full article with all the ideas and tips about this subject: Our posture.