British Music Genres since 90s.

British Music Genres since 90s.

A walk through three decades of music in Britain.

New article posted on WKMT Blog, and obviously, about music, our passion and the engine of our lives. In this case, Dominik Brendan, singing and piano teacher at the studio, wrote this article to explore and summarize the famous British popular music and National Identity written by David Hesmondhalgh. Which defines the eras of music in Britain since the 90’s to nowadays, and how that momentum in influenced the society, a society in need of changes and revolution, which was expressed through the music with new rhythms, lyrics and esthetic. That not only happened in Britain but happened also in Spain in the 80’s, Germany and many other countries which fortunately counted on powerful music as art.

This makes us reflect how important music is for a society, and even for the economy of an entire country. Not only music but art, which is essentially needed for any developed country. Because art is an expression of the society, it could inspire the society or be inspired by the society. Art makes any country wealthy and projects progress and evolution.

The same as happened in Spain, in Madrid in the 80’s, when a new group of artists and musicians proliferated with a new rock and powerful lyrics talking about the revolution and change, a change indeed needed in a Spain coming from the dictatorship of Franco, ending with his death in 1975. From this point on, Spanish society started to change and listening new music genres which marked a starting point for many different a new genres to nowadays. This same effect happened in Britain with the Britpop, being Oasis one of the referential bands of this great change. Followed by Indie rock, black British music and the new electro dance music, which can be listened when clubbing.

Do not miss the chance of reading the great summary and the article itself, very interesting knowing how music could impact and make a social change. The art is powerful, let’s squeeze it.