Beginnings of Music.

Beginnings of Music.

Pythagoras and his discoveries in music.

It is believed that music has around 55,000 years. The music existed since memorial times. Music is analysed in different areas, that’s why I bring this article from WKMT Blog which talks about the second of the eras of music: Ancient Music. The era just preceded by the Prehistoric one. Although the music comes from a very long time before. The Prehistoric era is considered as the first one associated with human beings.

In this case, with this great article, Anthony Elward, a piano teacher in the studio, analyses the music in Ancient Greece, headed by Pythagoras and his discoveries in music such as the harmonic series where each note we play can be split into more frequencies- so higher pitches. As stated in the article, Instrument (percussion) players can create harmonics and play a different sound. Woodwind players such as flutes and clarinets use harmonics so they can even play 2 notes at the same time. And String players more then any other instrument can freely change the note of their harmonics. It sounds like a whistling flute-like sound.

It is very interesting to know details of how the music was analysed in the past and some discoveries with which the music has evolved up to what it sounds like right now. There is a great evolution on it, the music is art but also is a science, and Pythagoras knew that. For obvious reasons, music is maths.

Do not miss the chance to read this great article, and know a bit more about the ancient music. Just find it in the link aforementioned. We hope you enjoy it and makes you re-discover more details about music in its beginnings.

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres”