Aural training with WKMT.

Aural training with WKMT.

Preparing your next Aural ABRSM Exam with WKMT.

At WKMT, we believe in the importance of aural training for any music learner. That’s why, I decided to post this new article recently published at WKMT Blog, written by my colleague Sabrina Curpanen, in which she talks about the idea of aural, its importance and the different parts that this test involves.

During my teaching experience, I come across a number of students who were preparing higher Grades 6-8 and they are experiencing difficulties in the Aural Test.

Some of them find very easy learning pieces and also preparing their technical works. Scales and Arpeggios but they find the Aural Test very difficult especially when it comes to singing.  One of the tasks is to vocally reproduce a short melody played by the examiner on the piano or for higher grades sight singing and reproducing the bass or soprano line of a short piece of music.

I am aware that it might be very difficult for a piano teacher to fit Pieces, Scales and Arpeggios, Sight reading and Aural Test in a lesson but I try to save more time for Aural Test a couple of month before the Test for every grade. My advice is not to be fooled by the fact that the Aural test might sound simple for the Early Grades. I strongly recommend to keep on practising it as this creates a good foundation for the hardest Grades and don`t leave it until the last minute. […]



I do recommend you all this great article for all those willing to apply for future ABRSM Music examinations. You will understand how to train it properly and understand it, which is even more important due to its complexity. Go to the link aforementioned and it will take you to the full article. I truly hope this helps you out!