A professional guitar advice for beginners.

A professional guitar advice for beginners.

Do you know about amplifiers? Have you ever used any during your guitar lessons?


Thanking Thomas Rickerby for his great work and amazing performance at WKMT with our guitar students. Our Senior Guitar teacher in London brings us a new article, interesting and handy one, overall for all those beginner students starting on electric guitar lessons. It is about amplifiers.

There is a common practice nowadays about teaching the basics and how to play the guitar: Non-having in mind, or at least, not making the student conscious about the idea and need of an amplifier. Like every single instrument we teach at WKMT Music Studio, we make our students aware of the importance of the performance. Playing the instrument in front of the audience is something crucial and, I dare to say, needed for a good learning process. We need to feel the music in all the ways, and the most important is when performing. What has this got to do with the amplifiers? Well, it is the tool the guitarist use when performing to amplify the sound. That’s why is important you know about it and how to use it. We always have one amplifier ready to be used in our Music Festivals for our guitar students.

Thomas Rickerby, an experienced teacher and performer for his own rock band, knows about this, and he makes sure all his students really understand its importance. For that reason, he has written this new article talking about the idea of the amplifier and how to set it up for a beginner student getting onto the electric guitar scene. He gives some ideas and tips on how to use and how to be set. So do not hesitate to read it fully and get to know about the idea of amplifiers and all its switches and knobs.