A Helpful Advice from Our Piano Teacher.

A Helpful Advice from Our Piano Teacher.

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Sight-Reading Techniques for Children

Mark Dowling, Piano Teacher in London at WKMT, one of our colleagues at the studio too, has recently written an article to help all our children students who are struggling when reading music. Sight reading is always such a challenge, and for that reason, I personally teach how to read sheet music since the first lesson ever. Once you get the point of how to and do it so, learning the piano turns into a much easier path.

We have found that several students are such good players, however, they are unable to read music. Which is obviously not true. No one is unable, but not interested might be the case. We know it comes hard and tedious, but the results of knowing how to read music properly are glorious. A proper sight-reading technique since they are kids is the perfect match for a quality piano learning. Sight reading will help you open as many doors as you imagine. Also, it will give you a different perspective of the pieces you are learning, as you will be able to analyse them and control them since the first minute.

If your kid(s) are now learning the piano, do not hesitate to read this interesting article about reading music technique to apply it through their learning and practising times. It will make such a huge difference throughout their progress. Talk to your teacher about some sight reading techniques too and the importance of it, they will state the same.