Ignaz Moscheles 

Eduardo Martin, one of our interns providing piano lessons in London, has recently made his collaboration to WKMT Music Blog. In this case, he wanted to talk about music composers and he decided to explain a bit more about the life and works of the great Ignaz Moscheles.

This Prague born composer who became famous in the XIX Century. He was considered a young talent at the age of 14. He settled soon in Vienna, where he met great personalities such as Beethoven. He started performing in Europe at his young age, as well as composing important works. One of them was the piano score of the Opera Fidelio of Beethoven. The Maestro, after checking his talent and increasing fame, decided to entrust him this work which was fairly made by the young Moscheles.

Time later, he moved to London to boost his career. And indeed, he did. It was in England, inspired by the beautiful fields and landscapes of this land where he wrote the four piano concertos of eight in total he wrote during his lifetime. Apart from piano etudes, and the Grand Symphony.

Do not hesitate to read more about him with this great article. Also, I strongly suggest you to listen to his piano concertos in case you didn’t yet. A powerful melody within the notes of this genius.