The New Project by Gisela Paterno.

The New Project by Gisela Paterno.


Music Composition Ideas – PART I

Edgar Allan Poe and Music composition – PART II


Music is an art. As an art, it could be chosen either by heart or by choice. I feel extremely proud of being able to create art throughout the music. Creating, playing and composing are my passions, and all related to the same instrument: the piano.

I love playing piano concerts, as well as I feel the need or impulse of composing music. Actually, I do love when I am able to do both. Usually, in my concerts given in London, I had the opportunity of performing in beautiful places, amazing piano concertos including my own cadences when suggested by the main composer. That way, I can openly show my playing art as well as my passion for music composition.

Well, this week, I bring a new post referring to the article written by my colleague Gisela Paterno, piano and composition teacher for WKMT London. She was a witness of my personal development as a composer there back in Buenos Aires, Argentina, while she was also progressing with Music Composition Degree. Both grew up together either as persons and as musicians. She is now part of my Piano studio in London too and I do appreciate her commitment to the composition teaching. This article, her new creation, has been recently published exclusively for our Music Education Blog. It is a series of three article which explains the idea and meaning of composition related to the thoughts and ideas of three great historical characters.

This first article talks about the thoughts of Aristotle around the music composition. How philosophy is somehow related to the music.

In the next two articles, we will see the same point through the mind of Stravinsky (Part III of this series).

Do not miss this great article in which history, philosophy and music are brought together to find the sense and meaning of the art of composition. You can just go to the link aforementioned and enjoy it. Stay in touch for the next two article which completes this fantastic series.